Strategies for Winning Slots at NetEnt online Casinos

  • Friday, Jan 22, 2021

The question many upcoming punter ask is whether it is possible to win in an online casino. Our answer is a simple, YES. Many seasoned gamblers have proven beyond reasonable doubts that dedicated players can make big wins over time. All you need is to be sure to test spins on minimum bets, know how to choose a winning slot in free mode, employ the hit and run strategy, and get a mathematical expectation of winning with bonuses as demonstrated in .

Test the Slot in Free Mode

In our view, we recommend that any player applies the same logarithm they would use in free mode and real-money play, when selecting a profitable online casino slot. Usually, there is a corrective variable in every NetEnt slot. Depending on the slot you have chosen, this variable can either be negative, neutral or positive. The random number generator is generally of great significance hence the corrective variables will either decrease or increase the number of winnings. Visit for more insight.

Usually, the corrective variables are dependent on factors, such as, the prize pool, the current slot balance, and the player classification. This, in essence, implies that all spins will be unlucky if a slot is cold or negative. On the contrary, it will pay out more if the slot is hot or positive. These variables are applicable to the free mode of online slots, too. As a player, you get a massive advantage of finding positive slots without risking real money.

Variance or Dispersion

Variance, also known as dispersion, is the spread of values that are associated with a given game. For instance, as you play, you may at one point hit a very big win. However, the next time you play, you may be too unlucky to lose twice as much. Such occurrences are often witnessed in the event that a player has chosen high volatility slot games. The mathematical expectation is most likely to be much closer to the exact Return to Player.

This closeness to the statistical numbers happens following the increased number of spins despite a player winning in the short term. In the long run, if the game is fair from both ends, you'll have minimal chances of being in a plus. The casino always gets a percentage from every reeled spin and each dealt card. This explains why casinos make profits in the long run. If you follow our recommendations, you'll win but casino will make its profit from others.

Acquire a Positive Winning mathematical Expectation

The bonuses and the white-label and trusted online casinos tend to come with 35 or 40 times the wagering requirements. It, therefore, implies that a player has to wager 3500 Euros for every 100 Euros in the bonus money, and 4000 Euros for every 100 Euros in the bonus money, respectively. The underlying secrete is to try and find a bonus offer with 40 times wagering or lower. You can then select a slot with RTP of 97.12 percent or higher.

In the event that the aforementioned happens, you are definitely going to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in slots. It, therefore implies that you will beat the casino house in the long run. This justification is pegged on millions of spins on slots as well as our research. Depending on the rules of the casino you are playing, you may withdraw the bonus money as soon as you are done with playing the required number of bets.


The Three Distinct Slot Moods

Always be sure to test the slot mood in a free version. Identifying the mood of the machine will enable you to choose warm slot machines while saving you a lot of money. The three distinct states or moods of slots are neutral, negative, and positive. Any slot machine with a neutral mood will always have zero in the prize pool. The negative or cold mood and the positive or hot slots have a negative and positive balance in the prize pool, respectively.